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Reopening Policy

On September 1, 2020, at the direction of Governor Ron DeSantis, Florida Division of Emergency Management Director Jared Moskowitz issued Emergency Order 20-009 lifting some temporary restrictions for individuals entering residential and long-term care facilities.

Pursuant to the directive, Good Shepards ALF shall implement the following policies:

  1. Allow visitation for Essential Caregivers1 and Compassionate Caregivers.2
  2. Allow for Indoor visitation such as the bedroom or designated area and/or Outdoor visitation such as porch or a designated area.
  3. Each visitation scenario will be accompanied by the appropriate facility policies and procedures that support the safety of all residents and visitors. Policies and procedures will address and include appropriate training and mandatory use of masks and other appropriate PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), including scheduling of visits, screening of visitors, and monitoring of visits for compliance with infection control requirements. Visitors need to bring their own masks. Other types of face-covering are not allowed. Gloves and gowns are provided until supply lasts.
  4. Grant health care providers access to the facility to provide medical services as requested by the resident and allow residents to leave the facility to access health care services in the community following strict infection control guidelines including self-quarantine and COVID testing procedures as needed.
  5. Require COVID Testing for Essential Caregivers and Compassionate Caregivers who perform work that require them to be in close proximity with the resident.
  6. Resume general visitation for immediate family members, relatives, and friends who are not classified as Essential Caregivers and Compassionate Caregivers. Each resident may register as many as 5 general visitors who will be required to fill out a form stating that they understand and will abide by the facility’s infection control guidelines.
  7. General visitation may only be allowed for as long as 30 minutes at a time. Registered visitors who are anticipating to make more than one visit per day must coordinate with the staff prior to the scheduled visit. Repeat visits during the day by the same visitor may not be guaranteed depending on facility circumstances and needs.
  8. General Visitors must be at least 18 years of age to visit. Minors are not allowed
  9. To continue general visitation, the facility must be 14 days with no new facility onset of resident or staff COVID-19 cases. In the event that the facility will have a resident test positive for COVID-19 must, ALL indoor and outdoor general visits will immediately cease. This policy does not apply to visits by Essential Caregivers and Compassionate caregivers.
  10. Additionally, any time the facility has a staff member who tests positive for COVID-19, all indoor and outdoor visitation MUST cease if that staff person was in the facility in the 10 days prior to the positive test.
  11. Schedule visitors in advance; monitor for adherence to proper use of masks and social distancing. Same-day appointments and walk-ins may not be acceptable depending on the daily circumstances at the facility.
  12. Notify residents, their representatives, and recurring visitors of any changes in the visitation policy.
  13. Continue with visitor screening, i.e., temperature checks and symptom/exposure screening questions.
  14. All visitors who exhibit any of the signs and symptoms consistent with COVID 19 will not be given access to the facility and must follow quarantine and testing procedures as advised by the CDC. All visitors who test positive for COVID will not gain entry and must follow all isolation guidelines as mandated by the CDC. All visitors who may have had recent and prior contact with a known COVID positive individual will likewise be denied entry and must follow CDC guidelines for quarantine and symptom surveillance.
  15. Designate key staff to support infection control education of visitors including, the use of masks, proper hand hygiene, social distancing, and visitation policies.
  16. Facility may require COVID testing of visitors under special circumstances such as when they exposed to someone who is positive or when they symptomatic following exposure to a known COVID positive person; use of testing must be based on current CDC and FDA guidance.
  17. Maintain a visitor log for signing in and out.
  18. Visitor designated spaces and areas must be cleaned and disinfected between visitors and contain handwashing/sanitation areas or stations.
  19. Facility reserves the right to cancel any visits or cut short any visits if they breach any of the infection control guidelines, measures and protocols and/or if they are deemed a threat to the general well-being of the residents and staff.
  20. Pets and emotional support animals are not allowed inside the facility at this time.

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1 Essential caregivers are those who have been given consent by the resident or his or her representative to provide services and/or assistance with activities of daily living to help maintain or improve the quality of care or quality of life for a facility resident. Essential caregivers include persons who provided services before the pandemic and those who request to provide services. 1. Care or services provided by essential caregivers must be identified in the plan of care or service plan and may include bathing, dressing, eating, and/or emotional support.

2 Compassionate care visitors provide emotional support to help a resident deal with a difficult transition or loss, upsetting event, or end-of-life. Compassionate care visitors may be allowed entry into facilities on a limited basis for these specific purposes.

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