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An Assisted Living Facility of the DeLand Geriatic Care, Inc.

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Our Adult Care Services

Living room
  • Licensed staff (APRN/PA, RN and LPN) accessible and available on site when needed especially to assess changes in condition. We don’t always have to make costly 911 calls when an urgent or emergent condition arises.
  • Mobile ancillary services including labs, XRay accessible 24/7. No need to make any inconvenient trips anywhere.
  • We make arrangements for Hospice and Home Health services ( including PT, OT, SP, etc.) without any hassle.
  • Centralized Medication Dispensing System thru Daytona Discount Pharmacy delivers needed prescription drugs including OTC’s and supplements at NO EXTRA COST. We assist with ALL refill orders.
  • Individual Therapy and Behavior Intervention available thru Florida Counseling Network. Regular medication audit done by a team of licensed professionals with families and guardians to assess appropriateness and efficacy of Psychiatric and other controlled medications.
  • Alternative and Complimentary forms of symptom management provided by an Acupuncture Physician on site in collaboration with MD’s, DO’s, APRN’s, PA’s and other health professionals.
  • Residents eat together (Family Style Dining) around a long table.
  • Food is home cooked with local ingredients.
  • Regular visits by a local Foot Doctor.
  • Chaplain services arranged for your convenience any time it’s needed.

Security & Safety

Good Shepards is not a “Locked Down” assisted living facility but our home is fully fenced in. Since we began operating the facility, we never had an elopement incident. Doors are equipped with double locks and alarms that are checked all day long. Security cameras are strategically positioned inside and outside the building… and rolling all day and night. The entire building is equipped with a state-of-the-art fire sprinkler system, carbon monoxide detectors and back up generator following state mandated guidelines. We hunker down for most if not all bad weather situations unless directed otherwise by local officials.

The Good Shephards-West Logo
1200 West New York Ave., DeLand FL

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