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About Good Shepards – Assisted Living Facility DeLand, FL

Living room
  • Total of 15 staff for a maximum of 11 residents. (1:3 caregiver to resident ratio). Two staff on the floor at night.
  • Mandatory Body Check first thing in the morning, at the end of the day and as needed.
  • Every two hours diaper check and toileting. Pads and skin barrier creams provided daily at NO EXTRA COST.
  • Hydration therapy twice daily with input and output monitoring on top of a strict bowel program.
  • One on one feeding available as needed. Supplemental protein drinks automatically offered whenever food intake falls below 50% per meal at no extra cost. Unlimited prompts and ques to fulfill nutritional needs provided patiently by staff All Day and at times …All Night long as needed.
  • Our staff are not only on point and focused on completing daily tasks, but they are also directly engaged in addressing  emotional needs. Downtime is getting personal with the residents. The staff goes out of their way to engage residents in small talks whether they are reminiscing the good old memories from a photo album; finding closure to a hurtful past relationship, or simply talking about the weather. Anything goes under the sun!
  • “Age-in-Place Policy” allows residents to benefit from our unique care program the moment they step into our community until they finally close their eyes. We commit ourselves to your loved ones even if they decline to the point that they are needing total care. You don’t have to worry about finding another place when their needs become the most challenging. We care for the elderly when they become too heavy for most other ALF’s with a standard license.
  • Our program goes way beyond providing assistance with ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living). We are a strong advocate for your loved ones against unscrupulous and imprudent medication practices. We will stand in the way of providers who over-medicate especially with Opioids; who push drugs that do more harm than good and who treat residents like numbers on the chart without regard for their dignity. We will make a strong case for you and your loved ones to respect the sacredness of life in whatever stage it is in and to uphold the dignity of the human person.
  • We accompany your loved ones to their doctor visits and advocate for their needs. We go out of our way to check your loved ones while they are in the hospital, nursing home or care center for the level of care. If called for, we will be at the bedside of your loved ones even in another facility just to feed them if they are not attended to properly and appropriately!
  • Fall Prevention Program includes the use of innovative pull string and floor mat alarms and video cameras at NO EXTRA COST. Even our ambulatory residents are monitored with watchful eyes especially when they go to the bathroom. No one is left unattended. 

Gina C. Gutierrez, Administrator
Ramon L. Gutierrez, Director of Resident Care Services

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