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We offer the following superb services:
Assistance with Activities of Daily Living
We supervise your dressing, personal hygiene, bathing, grooming and walking. Some of our caregivers do hair care as well. We make sure you're looking your best each day!
Daily Wellness Exercise programs
It is our policy to keep our residents on their feet for as long as it is appropriate and consistent with your medical care.
We will get you walking or rolling to keep that circulation going.
Hospice Care
A terminal illness is difficult and often overwhelming. Our caregivers, nurses in collaboration with Hospice care professionals, will help you and your families face these challenging days with dignity and compassion. We also provide
access to other palliative and complementary treatments such as acupuncture combined with a unique physical therapy program.
Delicious Meals 
We provide sumptuous meals and snacks in a restaurant type atmosphere. We accommodate special diets as prescribed by physicians and registered dieticians.
Cheerful Caregivers and Nurses
Sometimes all it takes for a resident to feel so much better is a smile and  a warm touch . Our team of professionals are not only experts at what they do but are also great companions with humor . Furthermore, we keep a small ratio of 1 caregiver to 3 residents during most of the day. This assures close supervision and quality care!
Medication Administration/Health Assessment
Our staff of caregivers, certified  nurses aides, registered nurse and licensed practical nurse are all well trained to administer medications. We have a time-tested system in place that ensures accurate and timely delivery of medications. 
Our licensed nurses conduct periodic health assessments
to monitor any subtle changes in condition that may have
adverse or serious repercussions. We value preventive care and we don't wait until you are are too sick to go to your doctor.