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Our mission is to help the elderly maximize the quality of the remainder of their lives by upholding their dignity and dedicating our organization's talents, time and resources to deliver high quality, affordable housing and  support services. We 
serve as a true advocate for the frail and the sick, and we partner with others to improve the quality of life.
Founded by the Shepard family of DeLand 12 years ago, Good Shepards has distinguished itself as a premier Assisted Living Facility. It has gained tremendous respect from both the medical and business communities. Physicians and nurses within the City of DeLand look up to our facility as the standard of excellence for medium size ALF's. We take pride in the fact that we hardly market ourselves to the community because people come to look for us. Each team member at the facility, without exception, loves their job. As such, our personnel exude the warmth and kindness that has been so contagious to our residents. A culture of care and compassion is what we're all about!